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Airfield Rehabilitation

No runway can last forever without maintenance. However sophisticated the runway is, it requires repairs after some time. The more aircraft landings and takeoffs, the sooner runway pavement becomes damaged. Runway markings become erased. Airfield lighting system requires replacing of old unreliable elements as well. Sooner or later, every runway will require a “facelift”.

Runway rehabilitation begins with a scope of work, budgets, and deadlines created. And, the same story begins: consultants, contractors, engineers, and other parties are being involved. Often, the process includes tendering, supply, installation, and commissioning. The last two stages might take from few weeks to few months. Often, the airport has to close its main runway for all flight operations until rehabilitation works are finished. Our goal is to the complete the project on time and open your skies back up. 

The goal sounds simple but the execution of the goal requires all of us to work closely together to achieve it. Begining with your specifications, we will work with you to design a deliverable work schedule and  achieve a clean final punchlist.

As our infrastucture ages, we are faced with repairs at an all time high. Rehabilitation is a sound and prudent alternative to a replacement. Our team has the FAA knowlege to save you money AND maintain quality. 


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Eco Friendly Construction

Our founder is deeply commited to the health of our planet. Whenever possible, we will employ tools and products that are enviromentally friendly. 


The Newest Technology

The single biggest advantage of technology in construction is it’s ablity to save time and money. We employ our technology in all aspects of our projects. 


High Quality Construction Management

Project management is much more than a gant chart to us. It is the philosophy at the core of our company. Led by safety and followed by scope managment, cost control, quality and HR, our people use multiple tools to manage our projects and operations.

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